Eric is an award winning audio engineer, videographer, editor & composer with over two decades of professional experience.
He is an accomplished sound mixer for on location & studio sound.
Credits include sound mixing for major motion pictures from the Bayous of Louisiana "Little Chenier" to the Barrios of the Philippines "Subject I Love You".
His studio work includes 6 full length LP albums (including an award winning storytelling CD), hundreds of hours of archival recordings (HNOC, LEH, TWF).
As a videographer not only as he received recognition as "Best Cinematographer" for "Before this Parting Kiss" and also has produced 5 Music Videos & 3 Short Films.
He has also work on numerous documentaries (Walter Williams), Industrials (American Greetings/Tulane Generation), Live Performance(Tsunami, LPO), Educational (POV, Puppet Links)

The rhythm reflected in his music combined with his sense of story & style are evident in his editing. 
He has scored 5 films & also created sound designs for over 50 theater productions.

He has pursued his art in the use of media to express mood & meaning as a professional in his career & continues to seek opportunities to create quality media with clients & other artists as an audio specialist, videographer, editor & composer.