An Anthology of downloadable Music & Audio categorized by year
1991 -  Live at Sunburst Soul Cage recorded Live at the Sunburst Pub, Florida
1992 - Flesh Soul Cage "Flesh" EP first studio album
1993 - Steamroller Soul Cage "Steamroller" first full length album
1995 - Doggod 69 self titled EP
1997 - Saucer Seed Produced by Art Coy & Aeryk Laws delusions et illusions du grandeur is available all over the web
1997 - Fish Out Of Water Instrumental project created by Drew Chastain & Eric "Aeryk" Laws
1999 - The Season A Holiday Compilation recorded with many New Orleans guest musicians
2000 - Feast of Fools A Live Recording From A New Orleans Holiday Party On Magazine Street
2001 - Artisans in the Know Soundtrack Compilation
2002 - Altared Songs from the Poet's Altared Images Gallery Exhibit